Women Alliance for Climate Action in Agriculture (WACAA)

One million women by 2050


Women play a critical role in agriculture in developing countries and account for an average of 43% of the agricultural labor force. Yet their contribution often goes unrecognized. What is more, women produce a lot of food in developing countries, but they own only 15% of the agricultural land.

Lack of control over land and other resources as well as inadequate access to inputs, finances, and skills affects rural farming households’ ability to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change in agriculture. Unfortunately, women also do not have much say in decision-making on climate change adaptation and mitigation in agriculture.

As a result, women are more vulnerable to the impacts of climate change on agriculture and are at a greater risk of food and livelihood insecurity.


WACAA aims to bring together individual and institutional stakeholders, from women leaders to philanthropists to farmers and from research institutions to policy think tanks to donor organizations, to address gender issues in agriculture. The alliance will mobilize efforts and resources to support women-led climate action in agriculture by:

  • 01 Develop

    Developing policies, measures, programs, and incentives that empower women and help make agriculture more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and resilient in the face of climate change.

  • Establishing a platform to advocate for gender equality in agriculture and create better opportunities for women and girls.

  • Providing necessary support and resources to women in agriculture, promoting sustainable agricultural practices, and addressing specific issues affecting women's participation in and contribution to policy, science, and innovation for sustainable agriculture and food security.


Target Groups

  • Women farmers and other agricultural workers
  • Women researchers, scientists, and other professionals
  • Women agripreneurs, household-based ventures and agribusiness owners
  • Women students
  • Women’s cooperatives and associations


WACAA’s goal is to reach 1 million women globally by 2050. It aims to achieve this goal through partnership and collaboration.

How it Works

WACAA will serve as a platform to mobilize efforts and resources and exchange best practices, insights, policies, and recommendations on women’s engagement in science, innovation, and agriculture. It will also offer women resources, tools, and opportunities to contribute to policy- and decision-making in agriculture.


Government institutions can express their interest in joining the alliance by submitting a preliminary statement outlining the challenges facing women in agriculture in respective countries and how the alliance can help address these challenges.

Expert Platforms

Policymakers, scientists, and other professionals can provide expert recommendations, insights, and analyses on the impacts of climate change on women in agriculture and ways to address these impacts through science, innovation, and governance.

Solutions & Impact

The alliance will offer tailored solutions to a wide range of stakeholders, including knowledge and technology transfer, capacity development, policy support, and financing.

Join us

Partnership and collaboration will underpin the alliance’s efforts to provide solutions and support women-led climate action in agriculture.

Call for Partners

ICBA invites various national, regional, and international entities to join the alliance:

  • Women-focused agencies;
  • Research and academic institutions;
  • Donor and funding agencies;
  • Government and non-government organizations;
  • Policy think tanks;
  • Capacity development, technology and knowledge transfer entities.


" I pledge to support WACAA in addressing climate change in agriculture. Together, we'll promote sustainable farming, ensure gender equality, and foster resilient agricultural systems. Let's champion the role of women in building a sustainable and climate-smart agricultural sector. "

" أتعهد بدعم WACAA في معالجة تغير المناخ في الزراعة. معًا، سنعمل على تعزيز الزراعة المستدامة، وضمان المساواة بين الجنسين، وتعزيز النظم الزراعية المرنة. دعونا ندافع عن دور المرأة في بناء قطاع زراعي مستدام وذكي مناخيً "

72 pledges and counting.

The Pillars of WACAA

WACAA is underpinned by the four main pillars. Partners and collaborators can support or contribute to one or more of these pillars.

Capacity Development and Knowledge Transfer

WACAA will create opportunities to provide women in agriculture with necessary skills and resources. It will promote continuous learning and professional growth among women in agriculture.

Financial Mobilization

WACAA will strive to mobilize financial resources to support women in agriculture, including access to credit, grants, and investment opportunities. By facilitating financial support, the alliance will help to enhance the economic resilience of women in agriculture and ensure the adoption of climate-smart technologies.

Policy and Advocacy

WACAA will advocate for policies that prioritize gender equality, climate resilience, and sustainable agriculture. The alliance will raise awareness about the importance of developing and adopting gender-responsive policies and incentives to enable greater participation and leadership among women in addressing climate change in the agricultural sector.

Networking and Collaboration

WACAA will facilitate networking and collaboration among women leaders, scientists, farmers, and other stakeholders to exchange best practices, insights, and experiences in enabling women-led climate action in agriculture.



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